About BJ Innovations & Brendon Jaftha

What is the vision?

The word innovation already sums it up – the company is big on game-changing ideas. The CEO of BJ Innovation says that ‘even if the business only changes one persons life, it has succeeded as a business.’ He adds that he would also like to offer young evangelists, with no income, a way through innovative business ideas to help their own ministry financially. One thing is for sure – big things are happening.

Create opportunities resulting in generating wealth.

Reach people across the world whom share a common interest in financial markets.

We believe trading is the ultimate weapon in combating unemployment rates by equipping individuals with the necessary skills to earn a steady income.

Who is Brendon Jaftha?

Brendon Jaftha has an unquenchable love for the Lord. He is not just a driven businessman, but a master Binary & Forex trader. He is the founder of various movements. Brendon has an impressive list of accomplishments, television ministry being one of them.

Where did your love for your community start?

Brendon's love for his community and other communities started with his father’s many years of service as a community developer in Touws River.

Jaftha says he saw his father serving with so much passion, and it has tremendously infected his life with the same passion. The condition and poverty in his community is a big motivation, and drives him to work efficiently to enable him to continue to give back to his community as much as possible and also uplift it as a whole.

What is your message to the world?

“The BJ Innovation train is on its way and no one can stop it. We are ready to make big moves and and financial waves, we have no space nor time for negativity. I’d like to make it known globally, to prepare themselves for an economic revival! I am ready to serve my people. I am ready to serve the people, I am ready to bring pride and dignity back, I am ready to challenge poverty."