BJIA Ambassador Program

Ambassadors represent the policies and interests of BJI Africa within their Specific Networks and communication circles.

A BJIA Ambassador should attend and host events while promoting BJIA as a Product, Entity and Company.

BJIA Ambassadors direct the activities of BJIA, to ensure that the Brand of BJIA’s interest are wellrepresented and safeguarded within their various Networks.

  • Promotion means spreading information about a product or service.
  • To promote means to actively encourage buyers.

Meet with Potential Clients who are interested in the Products of BJIA after a thorough explanation regarding the Products (Systems) of BJIA.

One of the primary duties of a BJIA Ambassador is meeting directly with their various Networks to discuss and promote the BJIA Products. Represent BJIA policies and interests to advance progress while maintaining positive relations between BJIA and Clients.

They will work closely with the BJIA Office to promote mutual agreements. BJIA Ambassadors may act as a liaison Officer between their Various Networks and the Office of BJIA.

BJIAAP is the process by which an Ambassador Marketer earns a commission for marketing BJIA’S products. The Ambassador familiarize them with the BJIA products, then promotes that product and on any successful enrolment earns a commission from each successful sale they make, at no additional cost to the buyers as per discuss with the BJI Admin.

BJIA Ambassadors will be issued a unique BJI Affiliate link which you may use when marketing BJI products.

Having the Opportunity to be part of this Global BJIA initiative the BJIA Ambassador has an equal responsibility to protect the BJIA brand and its consistency.

Your role as our BJI Affiliate Marketer is to promote the BJIA products and brand for the advised marketing period on your social media accounts, blog, via email marketing, paid ads or any other marketing channels you would like to use, along with your BJIA Affiliate Marketing link.

Once a customer clicks on your affiliate link, they will be tracked by our BJIA Administration. If the customer does make a purchase using your BJIA Affiliate Marketing link, you will receive your agreed commission per sale.

At BJIA we are looking forward to reward you consistency based on the agreed concept. Should you as a BJIA Ambassador surpass your sales target for a BJIA Marketing campaign or promotion, you will earn a higher commission rate.

BJIAAP are not taking responsibility for the Ambassadors human and System errors.

I understand that I am signing up to become a BJIA ambassador for BJIA products and agree to the terms and conditions.

To access the brochure application, please make use of our live chat option and you will be navigated through the process.