I had a very good experience with the learning process of the financial markets and trading both in forex and Binary. Every day is a challenge and a new learning experience. Each day progressing to a new level of knowledge and insight into the financial markets. Some days are hard and leave you with a feeling of discouragement but its part of the process. But each experience is a learning curve to mould us into better traders and to become successful. With this I want to end this of by saying thank you to our mentor and the team for the support. But mostly to my mentor for your patience and the time you are investing into us as students to promote better growth within us and at the end of the day getting us to reach our full potential and become successful traders.

Enzo Deelman

Good afternoon friends/readers, it is my privilege to share with you about BJInnovations. I have so much to say, firstly I want to start with the CEO Brendon Jaftha who is a very special person. He is Master trader, mentor, spiritual leader and also a motivational speaker. When I became part of the online classes I never dreamed that one day I would understand trading as he explained it to us as a class. We really enjoyed the online classes in other words it was explained to us down to its simplicity. Even if you do not understand anything about trading, you will understand it from the beginning as he will explain it to you. He made a huge impact on my personal life. It, s been very constructive. All the videos we made are from the top quality. I highly recommend anyone to be a part of BJInnovations. With certainty I can promise you that you will never make a mistake. I am very excited to be part of the special company BJI. I am thankful that I met them and we derive so much enjoyment from each class. Everything is of the best quality, namely the reading material, videos, discussion and just about everything. I'm glad I can be a part of such a great project. My excitement is extremely high. With BJI economic freedom is certain.

Shaun Petersen

I'm Cedric Williams from the Northern Cape and I'm a very proud student of BJ Innovations. I'm with BJI for a short time now but as a student I've learned a lot about the financial markets. I enjoy trading immensely because I've learned to be patient and to stick to the trading rules. The BJI's Golden System makes it easy to trade. I learn a lot every day and I am excited about what I am still going to learn. So proud to be with BJI. Tenacity brings success.

Cedric Williams

I would've never imagined myself being part of Forex Trading as I've heard so much rumors surrounding Forex and how "traders" would take peoples money and just vanish. But BJI is totally different, since the first lesson I could see the mindset of the CEO, not a mindset of seeing more dollars in his pocket, but a mindset of developing our skills to enable us to also share in the wealth that is present on the market.

Thank you so much for everything you have done, and will still do for me on my journey to trading on the Foreign Exchange Market.

Dewandré Fritz

My initial anxiety was how much money I would have to invest and not really having the guarantee of making a profit out of it.

So many people had runins with schemers that filled their own pockets.

Brendon is different and he knew the knowledge couldn't inhabit one person, there is a community out there that needed this knowledge.

But as time progressed, Brendon opened our eyes to a new vision and mission. Therefore I believe that the training he provided settled all of my fears.

I highly recommend BJ Innovations.

Arrisa Petersen

BJ Innovation is one of that platform’s that goes out of their way to teach people about trading, even when you don’t understand anything about trading.

It is like giving a kid a biscuit with a glass of milk, knowing that it will taste much better. That is how it is when learning at BJ Innovation. Personally, the training that I have received thus far - individually or in a group - has given me a broader mindset of what goes on in the markets.

To learn something new will always make your comfort zone uncomfortable and that is the best part when learning about trading at BJ Innovation. Truly, it is a blessing and exciting when learning and always be informed about what is happening in the markets through BJ Innovation.

I would strongly recommend them if you want to learn about trading, BJ Innovation is the best platform to start.

L. Petersen